The Marsh Community Centre

Where everyone is welcome

The Marsh Community Centre is situated in the Marsh area of Lancaster, UK. This is a mixture of private and social housing, with the Marsh Estate next to the centre. 

In a diverse area we aim to help everyone in the local community. Whether it’s through support with benefits and housing, employment advice, access to computers or simply a hot shower, we’re here to support everyone that comes through our doors.

We never judge. We always treat everyone equally.

Here at the Marsh, we work hard to understand and assist our members. Our primary aim is always to help them live the best life they can.

We run a full timetable of activities and services for all ages on the Marsh and surrounding areas. This includes drop-in sessions, meditation, food club, choir and much more!

We need your help

Marsh Community Centre plays a vital part in helping those most in need in the community. We are always in need of financial donations and guarantee that all funds go directly to supporting those in need.

Our Supporters

Marsh Community Centre is grateful to the many generous supporters who have recognised our work throughout the years. Click below to see who has supported us, and the impact they’ve made.