The Marsh Community Centre

The Marsh Community Centre is situated in the middle of a deprived social housing estate where there are a lot of misunderstood young people, a very diverse estate where there is a lot of criminal activity, we aim to help everyone in the local community. We run drop-in sessions for people aged 16 and over who can have access to our computers, kitchen, boxing equipment, and shower facilities. We help people with benefits, housing, employment advice and general well-being. We deal with a lot of domestic violence and poverty.

Here at The Marsh, we help with housing, donations, and food bank referrals. We do not judge and treat everyone equally. We try very hard to help our members achieve the best possible life they can with help and understanding, we help them to believe and succeed. 

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The Marsh Community Centre
Willow Lane, Lancaster, Marsh LA15PP


Telephone: 01524 843300

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Policies and Reports

We are a registered charity (charity number 1085116) and are regulated by the Charity Commission. We also report annually to Companies House.

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